pickup series
Tried and true reliability, the original series has been used in a wide range of commercial industries for over 40 years. The G2 dual-drive gate provides increased durability for rigorous cycling and low maintenance requirements. ~ Info & Pricing
service/utility body
42" of vertical travel make the G2 series compatible with the tallest service body. ~ Info & Pricing
Flatbed, Van & Stake Series
Both the Original and G2 Series offer a wide selection of platform materials to accomodate almost any industry application. ~ Info & Pricing
Cargo Van Series
The Tommy Gate Cargo Van Series is a modern hydraulic lift, specifically designed to operate seamlessly with commercial vans. ~ Info & Pricing
Railgate Series
Including more standard features than other railgates and focused on safety of design, this series of lifts offer values to both owner and operator alike. ~ Info & Pricing
Tuckunder Series
Combining the high-quality performance of all Tommy Gate liftgates, these all new TKT models have been specifically designed to maximize operator convenience. ~ Info & Pricing
AST Tuckunder
Anthony liftgates are the smartest choice in liftgates today! ~ Info & Pricing
AXM Tuckunder
Quality and features at an economical price. ~ Info & Pricing
RCM Railift
For today's most demanding distribution requirements. ~ Info & Pricing
RC Railgate
For today's most demanding distribution requirements. ~ Info & Pricing
TE-25 Tuk-A-Way
With 50+ years of innovation behind it, MAXON'S current Tuk-A-Way line offers options to fit virtually every need, on virtually every vehicle. ~ Info & Pricing
TE-33 Tuk-A-Way
A new standard in Tuk-A-Way designs ~ Info & Pricing