Cargo Van Series



Cargo Van Series



Model 650 

Original Series liftgates fit most cargo vans and Sprinters. Model 650 mounts completely inside the van and can be stored closed either to allow easy access into the van or to maximize storage area.
Lifting Capacity - 1000 lbs Lifting Capacity - 650 lbs

- Original Series

  • The main frame box contains the electrical and hydraulic systems.
  • Full size pump and motor unit.
  • A pressure relief valve helps prevent overloading the platform.
  • Cylinder mounted flow control valves prevent rapid uncontrolled platform descent in case of hose failure.
  • A torsion bar is built into each platform to assist in closing platform.
  • Exterior mount allows liftgate to use a full size platform, up to 48" deep.
  • Liftgate brackets ensure a quick and accurate installation. 
  • Sprinter applications, the 72P model was developed for the Sprinter van, includes a specially engineered mount kit.
  • Choice of platform styles.

 - Model 650

  • Auto open and close.
  • Interior mounted completely inside the van, stores closed to allow access to rear and to maximize storage space.
  • Steel platform filler automatically bridges the gap between the liftgate and the van's body.
  • Remote control pendant.
  • Steel platform with reinforcing ribs.

Contact an Iroquois sales consultant for specifications related to your truck and needs.

- Original Series

   - Remote control pendent, in addition to or in place of the fixed control

   - Rubber Platform Bumpers provide a rubber cushion between the platform and the ground surface.

   - Platforms available:

        - Steel Treadplate - the standard steel configuration.

        - Extruded Aluminum - comprised of interlocking extrusions of aircraft quality aluminum, double walled construction for strength and tongue and groove connections.

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