Fisher Salt and Sand spreaders

Fisher Poly-Caster Spreaders
Available in three sizes, 1.5, 1.8 and 2.5 cubic yards, the thick double-walled polyethylene hopper body, with a stainless steel bottom sill, makes corrosion a thing of the past. Plus the top screen is standard.

Poly-Caster Salt and Sand Spreaders
The ability to precisely match material delivery and spread pattern to surface conditions is a fine art. ~ Info & Pricing
Low Profile Tailgate Salt Spreaders
When you have slippery driveways and parking lots to control, and you don't want bulky spreaders blocking your view, the difference is clear...Fisher Low-Profile Tailgate Spreaders ~ Info & Pricing
Fisher Speed-Caster 2 Tailgate Salt and Sand Spreader
When the storms hit, be ready to control ice on parking lots of any size. ~ Info & Pricing
Fisher Walk Behind Spreader
Need to de-ice walkways or sidewalks in a hurry & with ease? Here's the answer! ~ Info & Pricing
Steel Caster Hopper Spreader
Worth its salt!! When it comes to engineering excellence, small details can make a big difference in the efficiency and profitability of your de-icing activity. ~ Info & Pricing