Liftmore Trucks

Manufacturing cranes since 1961, Liftmoore's product line ranges from an electric DC-powered 800 lbs. capacity (4,500 ft-lbs) up to a hydraulically powered 10,000 lbs. capacity (72,000 ft-lbs), designed and built to meet Liftmoore's high standards of quality, craftmanship and reliability.

1032 Liftmoore
With its 10,000 ft-lbs moment rating and 3,200 lbs. maximum capacity the Model 1032 has the strength to handle many field service jobs. ~ Info & Pricing
With its 6,500 ft-lb size range featuring both power rotation and power boom elevation, this crane is perfectly suited for mounting on 3/4 ton trucks where the safety of power rotation and the convenience of power elevation are required. ~ Info & Pricing
3200 REL
Model 3200 REL is equipped with power hoist, power boom elevation and power rotation. ~ Info & Pricing
For lifting jobs requiring more mid-range capacity, the 4000X is the answer. ~ Info & Pricing