Steel Caster Hopper Spreader


Stainless Steel Hopper Spreader

The low maintenance, rust resistant stainless steel hopper spreader was designed to maximize material control and minimize waste. Perfect for any pickup truck, dump body or flatbed and engineered for efficiency, designed for durability these spreaders feature the latest advancements in technology with more standard features built into every model. 
And because it is Fisher, count on it to deliver years of heavy-duty reliable service.
Reduce material waste with this innovative chute design that delivers material to the precise points on the spinner that casts it out and away from the truck, instead of back on your bumper.
Maximize material control with the easy-to-adjust shutter deflector that allows one-side spreading operation, preventing materials from going where they aren't intended to go.


  • Stainless Steel Hopper - built with low maintenance, rust resistant stainless steel. The hopper is reinforced with wrap-around welded joints for long-life protection against stress.
  • Sealed Dual Electric Motors - 2 insta-start, 12 volt electric motors provide quiet, reliable and independent control over the conveyor and spinner.
  • Dual Variable-Speed Control - allows you to precisely match material delivery and spread patterns to existing conditions. 4 standard accessory buttons & a dedicated blast button provide optimum in-cab efficiency.
  • Digital Self-Diagnostics - alerts operator when the hopper is empty or when adjustments are needed.
  • Steel Conveyor - One of the widest in the industry, the 16-1/2" conveyor moves more material consistently and smoothly to help reduce bridging.
  • Dual Swing Chute Design - swings open from either side to provide easy access for maintainence or material unloading. A dump button, located at the rear of the hopper, runs the conveyor for easy clean out. (available on dual elec. motor models only)
  • Adjustable Drop Chute - accomodates pickup trucks and flatbed applications, ensuring the assembly is always at the optimum spreading height. Standard on 9' & 10' models and available as an option on 7' & 8' models.
  • Inverted V - located  inside the hopper helps break up clumps to ensure smooth flow of material. An optional vibrator kit is available to help reduce bridging and keep material flowing smoothly.
  • Ratchet Straps - are standard for secure tie-downs.

   Body        Capacity        Dimensions             Spreading       Approx.

  Length         Cu. Ft.                                            Width          Weight

    7 Ft.             1.5             84"x 50"x 38"           up to 40'       595 lbs.

    8 Ft.             2.0             96"x 50"x 40"           up to 40'       615 lbs.

    9 Ft.             3.0           108"x 50"x 41"           up to 40'       695 lbs.

    9 Ft.             4.5           108"x 70"x 47"           up to 40'       815 lbs.

  • License Plate Kit - to illuminate alternate license plate location.
  • Work Light Kit - for better visibility at rear of spreader at night.
  • Strobe Light - for added visibility during operation.
  • Vibrator Kit - to help move stubborn material.
  • Tie-Down Chain Kit - for superior in-bed stability and security.
  • 6" Side Extensions - for increased capacity



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