1032 Liftmoore


1032 Series Crane

This all-hydraulic crane is designed for extended duty applications. The 1032 comes with power rotation, power elevation and power extension.


  • Power elevation from -5 degrees to +75 degrees.
  • 370 degrees limited power rotation.
  • The 1032X-11 has power extension to 7' 11".
  • The 1032X-15 has power extension to 7' 11" and manual pull-out to 15 ft.
  • Both load sensor and anti two block are standard.
  • Planetary gear winch for best efficiency.
  • 62 ft. 1/4" galvanized aircraft cable with 7,000 lbs. breaking strength.
  • 18 ft. remote pendant control.




10,000 Ft.-Lbs.


* 3200 Lbs. @ 3 ft.        909 Lbs. @ 11 ft.

* 2500 Lbs. @ 5 ft.        769 Lbs. @ 13 ft.

1428 Lbs. @ 7 ft.            666 Lbs. @ 15 ft.

1111 Lbs. @ 9 ft.

* Travel block & double line hookup for loads greater than 2000 Lbs.


The hoist winch is a planetary gear design with 2,000 lb. capacity.

The winch has a 21:1 gear ratio. The safety brake includes a one way

clutch that releases on hoist up. The ratio between winch drum and

wire rope diameters meet ANSI B30.5 requirements. The winch is

powered by a low speed, high torque hydraulic motor. Line speed

(single line) is 34 FPM at 5 GPM flow.


The boom is capable of moving from -5 to +75 Degrees. A double

acting cylinder with an integral counterbalance valve elevates the

boom. The counterbalance valve has two important functions, this

valve holds the cylinder in the event of hose failure and it controls the

rate of boom descent. In addition it will relieve excess pressure

induced on the boom.


62 Ft. of ¼ in. galvanized aircraft cable is supplied with a minimum

breaking strength of 7000 lbs. The wire rope is outside of the boom

and visible for operators continual inspection. A traveling block for

easy two-part hookup is included. All sheaves meet ANSI



The boom extends under power from 7 Ft. to 11 Ft.


The boom extends under power from 7 Ft. to 11 Ft. with a 4-Ft. manual

pull out to 15 Ft.


This crane uses a pressure compensated flow control hydraulic system.

A pilot operated differential sensing valve controls the flow rate to the

rotation, elevation and extension functions. Excess flow is returned to

tank at function pressure, not the relief pressure preventing excessive

heat build up.

With the optional proportional flow control system the speed of each

function can be varied between zero and full flow trough a trigger switch

in the pendant control.

Fluid supply requirements are 6 GPM maximum flow @ 2500 PSI

maximum pressure.


A worm gear set driven by a low speed, high torque hydraulic motor

powers the crane’s rotation function. The 1032 Crane rotates on two

3.75” ID tapered roller bearings. 375-degree rotation is standard.


An 18-Ft. long remote pendant is provided for control of each powered

function. The Pendant control is removable from the crane to prevent

unauthorized use of the crane.


A load-limiting sensor is installed in the elevation cylinder. This sensor

will shut down hoist up, boom out & boom down when an overload is

detected. The sensor will reset after the load is lowered.


The anti two-block is standard on this crane and prevents extending the

boom against the travel block and breaking the cable.


The 1032 Crane’s powered functions are all controlled by 12V. D.C.

electric solenoid valves. 25 ft of 10-gauge wire and a 15-amp fuse are



A 10,000 Lb. or larger GVWR chassis is recommended. Four 0.5” X

2.5” long Grade 8 hex head cap screws and lock nuts are provided.

Mounting plate is 15” square with a 12” square bolt pattern.


An outrigger is needed for stability requirements of OSHA 1910.180.

The outrigger is necessary to reduce the load on the crane’s rotation

system and the truck’s suspension.


  • Proportional controls
  • Outriggers

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