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Organize your Full Size Van with Equipment and Accessories from Adrian Steel.

If you use a commercial vehicle for work, you know how tough these vans, trucks, and utility vehicles are.  These vehicles make excellent choices for busy professionals.

Adrian Steel is proud to offer a full line of upfit equipment and accessories for  vans and trucks.  We’ll even assist you in choosing the correct equipment and accessories for your vehicle

Plan your Van:

 Commercial Vehicle Equipment

Each area of your cargo van requires different organizational equipment and accessories to ensure it’s work-ready.  We’ve broken it down into different zones, so you can easily plan the organization of your work van.

ZONE 1:  The Bulkhead / Partition

Adrian Steel offers a variety of bulkheads to fit your  cargo van.  The bulkhead is an extremely important part of organizing your cargo van.  Bulkheads offer several benefits for your work vehicle.   A van bulkhead provides safety to the driver and passengers by separating them from heavy equipment in the cargo area of the van.  It’s also an excellent way to keep tools and equipment where it belongs:  in the back of the vehicle. 

Adrian Steel offers the following types of Bulkheads for Commercial Vehicles:

Partitions / Bulkheads are sold as separate panel kits and wing kits, each designed to fit your specific van.

Add bulkhead accessories to organize files, papers, binders, manuals, and more.  Adrian Steel offers organizational accessories for safety products, as well as Plexiglas Cover Panels.  We also have a very popular Quiet Partition Door Kit, which minimizes noise in the cab area.

ZONES 2, 3, & 4:  Organize the Interior of Your  Van

Adrian Steel provides a variety of shelving units and modules to organize your tools and equipment.  Browse the following products to find the best organization solutions for your vehicle:

  • ADseries Shelving:  innovative, heavy-duty, adaptable.  The next generation of cargo managemnent!
  • Adjustable Shelving:  Jumbo Deep, Heavy Duty, KD, 30 Series, Open End.
  • Welded Shelving:  Shelving Units and Accessories.
  • Storage Modules:  Convert your  van into the perfect work station with cabinets, drawers, shelves, workbenches, and modules.
  • File Storage:  Keep your files completely organized.  Never lose a file again!
  • Floor Drawers:  Shallow or deep drawers, as well as traction kits.
  • Accessories:  Everything you can think of, including step stools, trays, floor mats, cable holders, and more.

ZONE 5:  The Roof

The roof of your  van can be fully utilized to carry ladders, lumber and other cargo.

View Adrian Steel’s large selection of Ladder Racks to find the rack that best suits your needs.

Trade-Specific Interior Packages:  Organization Made Easy

Adrian Steel has gone the extra mile by creating Interior Packages for specific industries.  We’ve assembled packages to fit the needs of several service-oriented businesses, making it truly simple to organize your  work vehicle.

Protect the Inside of Your  Work Van with a Liner Kit

Liner Kits protect your vehicle from the inside!  The liner is molded to your van walls, and protects your vehicle from floor to ceiling.  Secure large cargo to the liner to enhance safety and increase organization.

GM Business Choice Program

An Incentive Program to Help You Upfit Your GM Vehicle

Adrian Steel has partnered with GM to create the GM Business Choice Program.  This is an incentive program for business owners in the United States and Canada. Click to learn more!


Specifications will be unique to your needs. Please contact one of our salesmen for more information.

There are way to many options to list, contact our sales department to selecting the right equipment for your requirements.

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