Stainless Steel Tool Boxes

 100% polished stainless steel construction with gas shock door openers and lockable T-handles. One piece main structure with unique aerator/vent design to keep contents dry.

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Bawer benefits:

  • 100% polished stainless steel construction
  • gas shock door openers
  • lockable T-handles
  • one-piece main structure
  • no unnecessary welds mean a stronger box
  • corrosion and chemical resistant
  • longer life compared to aluminum & steel boxes
  • unique aerator/vent design to keep contents dry

Available Sizes

Part # Description Weight
TU821003 18"x 18"x 18" stainless steel 37 lbs.
TU822008 18"x 18"x 24" stainless steel  47 lbs.
TU822505 18"x 18"x 30" stainless steel 58 lbs.
TU823006 18"x 18"x 36" stainless steel 69 lbs.
TU823503 18"x 18"x 48" stainless steel 87 lbs.
TU824003 18"x 18"x 60" stainless steel 105 lbs.
TU822000 18"x 24"x 24" stainless steel 53 lbs.
TU823000 18"x 24"x 36" stainless steel 76 lbs.
TU823500 18"x 24"x 48" stainless steel 100 lbs.
TU824000 18"x 24"x 60" stainless steel 108 lbs.
TU822001 24"x 24"x 24" stainless steel 67 lbs.
TU826500 24"x 24"x 36" stainless steel 92 lbs.
TU827000 24"x 24"x 48" stainless steel 117 lbs.
TU827200 24"x 24"x 60" stainless steel 127 lbs.

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