Tarco Highlander JR. Ice and Snow Control Spreader - 8


Highlander® Junior material spreaders, manufactured by Loughberry Mfg. Corp., are quality engineered and built to handle deicing and snow control materials for driveways, roads and parking lots. This model is available with either gas, electric or hydraulic power units to fit a variety of truck sizes and features an efficient spread pattern, saving time and money.

The Highlander® Junior is manufactured to the same high Loughberry quality specifications, as all other TARCO® brands. Standard features include a removable spinner assembly, heavy duty top screens, one piece hopper construction and our unique Chevron Conveyor Chain System.

Loughberry’s exclusive Chevron Conveyor performs with “strike zone” direction control. It is easy to adjust or change and best of all, it eliminates waste. The Chevron Conveyor offers a more controlled spread – providing an even, non-pulsating flow regardless of conveyor speed, material consistency or temperature.


  • Hopper Body - fully welded 300 series stainless steel, formed from one sheet of steel to eliminate rust at horizontal welded seams.
  • Adjustable Flow Gate
  • Heavy Duty Top Screen
  • 4 Corner Lift Loops
  • 4 Nylon Hold Down Straps
  • Chevron Conveyor - unique design provides a constant flow of material to spinner resulting in a better spread pattern.
  • Spinner Assembly - 14" diameter polyurethane spinner disc. Adjusting the spread pattern does not require tools. Deflector assembly surrounds the spinner disc for low angle spread pattern. Entire spinner assembly is quickly detached by hand.

Gas powered models - feature a Briggs & Stratton 11.5 HP air-cooled engine with electric clutch. 

Electric powered models - the 7' and 8' models come standard with a 12 volt DC 1/3 HP motor, a 3/4 HP is standard on the 9' and is optional on the 7' and 8' models.

Hydraulic powered models - single and dual hydraulic motors are available.


Tarco Highlander JR. Ice and Snow Co

Model HL-JR-7 HL-JR-8 HL-JR-9 HL-JR-10
Hopper Length       80"     92"    108"     120"
Hopper Height     35"     35"      35"       35"
Hopper Width     48"     48"      48"       48"
Overall Length   104"        116"    132"     148"
Capacity (Cubic Yards Level)    1.5  1.86   2.35      2.7
Capacity with Optional 6" Hopper Extensions    2.0  2.46   3.0      3.45
Weight with Screens (Optional) and GECEL   880 lb.   940 lb.  1,050 lb.    1,110 lb.
Hopper Construction   14 GA   14 GA   14 GA   14 GA
Number of Hopper Side Supports (Per Side)      3       3      4       4
Chevron Conveyor Chain - 15" Wide Standard Standard Standard Standard
Conveyor Bridge Optional Optional Standard Standard
Top Screen(s) Standard 1 Flat 1 Flat 2 Flat 2 Flat
Single Center Lift Point Optional Optional NA NA

Other sizes and dimensions are available upon request.
Note: To figure the load any model will carry, use these approximate material weights:
1 cubic yard dry salt: 2,200 lbs and 1 cubic yard wet sand: 3,300 lbs.

  •  Extended spinner assembly
  •  Dump body hold down equipment
  •  Conveyor bridge
  •  12 gauge steel hopper construction
  •  Special paint
  •  3/4 HP electric motor
  •  Variable speed control


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