Fisher Xtreme V2 snowplow

Fisher Xtreme V2 Snowplow

All New !!

A new Standard in V-plow performance.

Featuring extreme flared wings and Fisher's proven trip edge design, the XV2 delivers outstanding performance while getting you smoothly over hidden obstacles - in all blade configurations - while the standard InstaLock double-acting cylinders hold wings firmly in place for clean back-dragging and straight blade operation


Flared Wing Design

Available in 3 blade widths in stainless steel and 2 widths in powder-coated steel, the XV2 plow blades soar from a 31" center height up to 39" at the outer edge of the 9'6" models.

So whether you are busting thru the big drifts, carrying, stacking or windrowing wide areas, these wings give you all the carrying capacity and snow rolling performance you need to get the job done fast.

Reinforced V-Plow Blade Structure

The XV2 provides the proven structure features the Fisher owners have come to expect, and so much more.

- Exclusive X-bracing - four vertical ribs plus eight X-bracing ribs provide diagonal reinforcement across the entire back of blade for superior structural rigidity.

- Stronger Center Hinge - with 3 connection points for added strength.

- Larger Center Hinge Pin - 1 1/4" diameter heat-treated steel for greater durability.

- Bigger Lift Ram - 1 3/4" diameter cylinder for more lifting power.

- Improved T-Frame Design - for additional strength.

Dual Trip Edge Design

Like all commercial grade snow plows from Fisher, each blade on the XV2 features independent trip edge protection to get over bumps and obstacles, whether in vee, scoop or straight blade, helping to protect the plow, the truck and the operator.

Since only the bottom edge trips, snow stays in front of the blade, so you keep going without dumping your entire load of snow.

InstaLock Double-Acting Cylinders

Standard on the XV2 allowing the operator to lock the wings together to use the V-plow in straight blade mode, with single button control. Double-acting cylinders also hold the wings firmly in place for clean efficent back dragging.

Steel Cover for Center Hinge

The steel top center gap cover and formed cutting edges reduce snow leakage in all blade positions.

Minute Mount 2 Snow Plow Mounting System

The 100% mechanical design provides fast and easy hook-up, no tools required. And no electrical or hydraulic components to fail.

- attachment arms and lower gear are flared, both vertically and horizontally to make the drive-in connection easy.

- simply raise the pin release handle and push on the headgear to pop the pins in place.

- then raise the jack, snap it into place, and plug in the electrical connections.

- includes the chain lift system for higher stacking and safe emergency transport.

Reliable Hydraulics

Fisher builds all of their own hydraulics for unmatched speed and durability. All critical components are fully enclosed for protection from the weather.

Features include:

- 2 way poppet-style valves for higher fluid flow volume than traditional 3 or 4 way spool valves.

- Inverted hydraulic unit so constant warming from the electric motor helps maintain fluid viscosity.

- Independently powered solenoids are grounded directly to the battery for reliablility.

- Hydraulic fluid fill and drain ports are easily accessible. 

Chain Lift System

With the chain lift system, you get instantaneous "float" when lowering the blade. Unrestricted the blade can freely follow the contours of the plowing surface for a clean scrape.

With the chain lift you can stack high because you are not limited by the hydraulic ram stroke, unlike cylinder lift systems, which can only pull the plow up as far as the limits of the cylinder range.

In the rare event of a hydraulic failure, you can drive the plow into a snowbank and "short chain" the plow by attaching the chain to the special bracket and safely transport the plow back to the shop.

In-Cab Controls

Choose between the convenient hand held Fish-Stik control or the compact joystick control for efficient, intuitive blade control

Intensifier Lights

The state-of-the-art reflector optics provides a smooth wide beam pattern that illuminates the plowing surface with minimal glare above the lamp, especially during snowfall.









Blade         Blade         Trip             Ribs        Plowing                      Approx.  

Width        Height       Springs                          Width                        Weight


7 1/2' SS    37" end        4                  12           6'7" (full angle)            914 lbs.

                   31" hinge                                       6'4" (scoop)

                                                                          6'10" (full V)

8 1/2' SS    38" end        4                   12          7'5" (full angle)            957 lbs.

  or PC       31" hinge                                        7'2" (scoop)

                                                                          7'8" (full V)     

9 1/2' SS    39" end        4                    12         8'6" (full angle)           1044 lbs.

  or PC       31" hinge                                        8'2" (scoop)

                                                                         8'7" (full V)    

- Wear Shoes

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