Fisher X-treme V Snowplow

Fisher Xtreme V Snowplow

Commercial snowplowers know a V-plow with its ability to change from "V" to straight blade to scoop provides the ultimate in plowing efficiency. Fisher completely redesigned the blade, hydraulics, electrical system, controls and lights to provide even greater performance and reliablity.  


- Minute Mount 2 System

        The simplest and most trouble-free attachment system available. 100% mechanical design means no electrical components or hydraulic assist gimmicks to fail. The attachment arms and lower gear are flared, both horizontally and vertically to make the drive-in connection easy.

- Moldboard

      Available in stainless steel and powder-coated steel, the X-treme V comes in 7 1/2', 8', and 9 1/2" widths. Its 70 degree attack angle provides a cleaner scrape which reduces the need for de-icing. The standard 6" cutting edge reduces wear and improves cutting power and scraping ability.

- Tapered Wing Design

        To provide the ultimate in snow rolling action, the moldboard design is tapered to 2" taller at the outer edges and features a tighter blade curl.

- Gap Coverage

          Steel center gap cover at the top and formed center cutting edges at the bottom prevent snow leakage in all blade positions.

- Trip Edge Design

           When an obstacle is encountered only the bottom edge of the blade trips, leaving most of the blade up. Because the rest of the blade stays upright, your snow load remains in front of the blade. Fisher's trip edge design uses compression type springs which never need adjusting and are never stretched like expansion springs.

- Xtreme X-Bracing

         The Xtreme X-bracing design provides superior torsional strength to the blade. The moldboard remains rigid even under the punishing stress of commercial plowing.

- T-Frame Design

           Superior T-frame design provides the optimum strength-to-wear ratio. Plus the blade pitch adjustment feature helps control uneven cutting edge wear.

- Double Acting Cylinders

           These cylinders hold the wings firmly in place during back dragging. Even heavy snow won't force the wings to collapse like return spring systems, which require optional cylinder kits to back drag effectively.

- Chain Lift System

            Get instantaneous "float" when lowering the plow, allowing the blade to follow the contour of the plowing surface for a cleaner scrape and reducing the need for de-icing. Stack snow higher because you're not limited by the hydraulic ram stroke, unlike cylinder lift systems which can only pull the plow up as far as the limits of the cylinder's range.

- Intensifire Lights

            State-of-the-art reflective optics provide a smooth wide beam with minimal glare above the lamp, especially during snowfall. 1500 hour, long-life headlamp bulb minimizes bulb replacement over the life of the lamp. Robust, two stud mounting keeps the lamp in its original position even when subjected to the harshest shock and vibration forces.

Fast and Durable Hydraulics

             The Xtreme V is 50% faster than its predecessor. Two-way poppet-style valves allow a higher volume of fluid to flow than traditional 3 or 4-way spool valves. The hydraulic unit is inverted so the constant warming of the electric motor helps maintain fluid viscosity. Easy access to hydraulic fluid fill and drain ports.

- In-Cab Controls

             These are the only V plow controls that hydraulically lock the blade wings together and allow the operator to move both wings simultaneously without having to push multiple buttons. Each wing function has its own button. Backlit control face is easy to see at night.




 Blade    Blade     Blade     Blade   Trip   Ribs   Angling    Plowing    Plowing   Plowing   Wgt

 Width   Height   Height  Gauge   Springs           Rams         Width       Width       Width     lbs

             @ end    @ hinge                                                    @ angled  @ scoop      @ V

7'6" XV PC 30 1/4"   29"     12          4      12    1 3/4"x 11"       6'6"        6'3"         6'9"      821

7'6" XV SS  30 1/4"  29"      12         4       12    1 3/4"x 11"       6'6"        6'3"         6'9"      821

8'6" XV PC  31"        29"      12         4       12    1 3/4"x 11"       7'5"        7'1"         7'7"      876

8'6" XV SS  31"        29"       12         4       12    1 3/4"x 11"       7'5"       7'1"         7'7"      876

9'6" XV PC  33"        31"      12         6       12    1 3/4"x 11"       8'3"       7'11"       8'7"     1005

9'6" XV SS  33"        31"       12         6       12    1 3/4"x 11"       8'3"     7'11"        8'7"     1005


- Wing Kit - Set a 35 degree angle to improve overall operating performance. Each wing adds 6" to the blade width.

- Shoe Kit - Provides extra cutting edge wear and blade edge protection.

- Curb Guards - Bolt-on guards protect the outer edge of the snowplow from wear and tear caused by sidewalks and curbs.

- Backdrag Edge - Optimizes back dragging performance with simple bolt-on 1/4" edges.

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