Skid-Steer Loader Snowplows


Skid-Steer Loader Snowplows


The popular Fisher XBlade and HD Series snowplows are available with a universal skid-steer mounting plate for fast and easy hook up.

Both plows feature Fisher's proven trip edge design. Only the bottom edge trips when striking an obstacle, leaving the blade upright and plowed snow in front of the blade.


X-Blade for skid-steers

     Available in corrosion resistant stainless steel, the Fisher X-Blade is built for tough commercial or municipal applications. In both 8' and 9' widths, the XBlade features exclusive x-bracing across the entire back of the plow providing superior structural rigidity. Mounted on your skid-steer loader, the XBlade provides all the features you need for reliable, high performance plowing.

HD Series for skid-steers

     The rugged Fisher HD Series plow is built to withstand the rigors of all commercial plowing applications. Available in 7 1/2', 8', 8 1/2' and 9' widths, HD Series snow plows are reinforced with 8 vertical ribs for structural strength.

Universal Skid-Steer Mounting Plate

      The universal skid-steer mounting plate makes hook up fast and easy.

Trip Edge Protection

        Like all Fisher commercial-grade snow plows, the XBlade and HD Series for Skid Steers feature trip edge protection to get over bumps and obstacles, helping protect equipment and operator. Since only the bottom edge trips, the blade stays upright keeping plowed snow in front of the blade.

Storm-Guard Baked-On Powder Coat for HD Series

      The industry's best protection against wear and rust. The automated, climate controlled powder coat booth ensures uniform coverage to all surfaces. An epoxy primer enhances powder coat adhesion and improves corrosion resistence. Plus, our trademark Fisher yellow finish was reformulated to maintain the new plow look even longer.

Model        Blade      Blade      Blade     Trip      Ribs      Plowing       Approx.

                  Width     Height     Gauge    Springs               Width          Weight


XBlade          8'           31"           11            4        10           7'1"            790/lbs

XBlade          9'           31"           12            4        10           7'11"          835/lbs.

HD Series      7 1/2'    29"            12            4         8            6'7"            630/lbs.

HD Series      8'          29"            12            4         8            7'1"            717/lbs.

HD Series      8 1/2'    29"            11            4         8            7'6"            731/lbs.

HD Series      9'          29"            11            4         8            7'11"          745/lbs.


- Wear shoes (standard on HD Series)

- Cutting edge ( 1/2"x 6" )

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