Fisher HDX Snowplow

Fisher HDX Snowplow


Your Straight Blade
Can’t Do This

With its adjustable attack angle* and articulating A-frame, the ALL-NEW stainless steel FISHER® HDX™ snowplow takes straight blade innovation and productivity to a whole new level.

*Attack angle adjustment may be limited on certain vehicles due to varying vehicle heights. Refer to your snowplow Owners Manual or FISHER® eMatch system for more details.

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This is no ordinary straight blade.

   With an adjustable attack angle and articulating A-frame, the HDX snowplow takes productivity to a whole new level.


Adjustable Attack Angle - choose your attack angle, based on plowing surface, snow conditions or operator preference:

  • 75 degree for asphalt or paved surfaces, and for scraping up ice and hard packed snow.
  • 65 degree for the ultimate in versatility.
  • 55 degree for gravel or unpaved surfaces or scooping deep, heavy snow.

Boxed in quadrant design features three attack-angle holes for easy adjustment.

Articulating A-Frame - heavy-duty steel pivot beam for superior strength. Massive 1" diameter pivot bolt for rugged reliability. The blade rotates independently for cleaner scrapes and longer cutting edge life. Mounting points remain level with the plow allowing easier drive-in alignment on uneven surfaces.

Stainless Steel Blade - the moldboard is made of premium corrosion-resistant stainless steel for the ultimate in durablity and performance.

Trip-Edge Protection - the trip-edge design helps protect you and your equipment when you encounter hidden obstacles. Only the bottom edge trips allowing the blade to stay upright and the plowed snow remains in front of the blade.

Minute-Mount 2 Mounting System - the 100% mechanical design provides fast and easy hook up, requiring no tools. And no electrical or hydraulic components to fail. Attachment arms and lower gear are flared, both horizontally and vertically, to make the drive-in connection simple. Just raise the pin release handle and push on the headgear to pop the pins in place. Raise the jack leg, snap it into place, plug in the electrical connections and you're ready to plow.

Reliable Hydraulics - Fisher builds all of their hydraulics in house for unmatched speed and durability. Fast hydraulics allow you to change plow positions quickly for more efficient plowing. All critical components are fully enclosed for protection from the weather.

Chain Lift System - with the chain lift system you get instantaneous "float" when lowering your blade. Unrestricted, the plow can freely follow the contours of the plowing surface for a cleaner scrape. Also you can stack snow higher because you are not limited by the hydraulic ram stroke. In the rare event of a hydraulic failure, you can push your plow up a snow bank & "short chain" the blade by attaching the loosened chain to the specially designed bracket allowing safe transport to the shop.

Universal In-Cab Plow Controls - choose between the hand held Fish-Stik control or the compact, dash mounted joystick control:

 - Fish-Stik Control - the convenient hand held control with backlit directional buttons provides precise response. Features power "on" & "float" LED and automatic shut-off.

 - Compact Joystick Control - dash mounted, featuring a plug-in connection for easy removal. On/off indicator light.

Intensifier Halogen Headlamps - state of the art optics provide a smooth wide beam pattern illuminating the plowing surface, with minimal glare above the lamp especially during snowfall. 1500 hour, long lasting, headlamp bulb minimizes bulb replacement. Three screw access cover and twist-in bulb makes replacement quick & easy. Robust 2-stud mounting keeps the lamp in its original position, even when subjected to the shock and vibration of plowing.

Security Guard Anti theft System - the exclusive Fisher Security Guard Anti-Theft System provides a secure way to electronically "lock" your snowplow while it's detached from your truck, a strong deterrent from theft or non-permitted use. Unlike physical locks that can be cut or removed, the Security Guard Anti-Theft system electronically synchronizes your control and plow module. When activated it disables the electronic control system, rendering the plow inoperable to unauthorized users.

Fleet Flex Electrical System -  One Truck - One Control - Any Plow

With the Fisher Fleet Flex Elctrical System you have true fleet interchangability. Unlike other snowplows which require different controls for different plows, the Fisher Fleet Flex system lets you operate all Fisher Commercial Grade snowplows with one control. 

   Blade              Blade         Trip             Ribs        Plowing width        Approx.

   Width             Height       Springs                         (full angle)            Weight

        8'                   29"              4                 8                 7' 2"                 861 lbs.

        9'                   29"              4                 8                 8' 1"                 902 lbs.     


Options / Accessories Available:

- Trip-Edge blade wings

- Back drag edge

- Rubber or steel deflector

- Steel snofoil deflector

- HD lift ram

- Curb guards

- Adjustable wear shoes

- 36" commercial blade guides

- Rubber, Poly, 5/8" steel or carbide cutting edge


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