Fisher HD Series Snow Plow




Built for the business of snowplowing, the rugged HD Series snowplows will withstand the rigors of any and all commercial applications. These popular 7'6", 8'6" & 9' snowplows are the choice of the plowing professional.


The HD Series is designed for 1/2, 3/4 and 1 ton four wheel drive trucks, as well as today's new 15,000 GVW "Super Duty" vehicles. These plows are constructed of heavy 11 gauge steel (12 gauge steel for the 7'6" blade). The trip edge is backed with two reinforced cutting bars to increase wear resistance. Cast iron plow shoes allow some height adjustment and are standard on HD plows.

Trip Edge Design

When striking an obstacle while plowing only the bottom edge of the plow "trips" leaving the operator in control of the plowed snow as it remains in front of the blade. The compression springs, used by Fisher, never need adjustment and never stretch out like extension springs.

Reliable Hydraulics

Fisher's hydraulics are unmatched for speed and durability. Fast hydraulics allow the operator to change blade positions quickly for more efficient plowing. All major components are fully enclosed to protect them from the weather.

Chain Lift System

With the Fisher chain lift system, you get instantaneous "float" when lowering the plow. With the blade unrestricted it can freely follow the contours of the plowing surface resulting in a cleaner scrape. You can stack snow higher as the blade is not restricted by the hydraulic ram stroke.

In the rare event of a hydraulic failure you can drive the blade into a snowbank and "short chain" it to safely transport the plow back to the shop.

Security-Guard Anti-Theft System

Electronically "locks" your plow when detached from your truck preventing unauthorized use of the plow or theft. Unlike physical locks that can be cut or disabled the Security-Guard system electronically synchronizes your control and plow module. When employed it disables the electronic control system rendering the plow inoperable to unauthorized use.

INTENSI-FIER Halogen Headlights

State-of-the-art reflector optics provide a wide smooth beam pattern illuminating the plowing area, with minimal glare above the bulb, especially during snowfall. Long life bulbs minimize replacement of headlight bulbs over the life of the lamp. Robust, 2-stud mounting keeps the lamps in their original positions despite the shocks and vibrations of plowing.


You can select the in-cab controller that is right for your use, either the hand held Fish-Stik with power "on" and float LED or the compact Solenoid control.

       Blade         Blade      Blade      Trip          Ribs        Angling       Plowing        Weight  

       Width        Height     Gauge    Springs                      Rams         Width           (aprox.)

       7'6" HD        29"          12            3              8        1 1/2"x 12"      6'7"*             630 lbs.

       8'    HD        29"           11            4              8        1 1/2"x 12"     7'1"*             717 lbs.

       8'6" HD       29"           11            4              8        1 1/2"x 12"      7'6"*             731 lbs.

       9' HD           29"           11            4              8        1 1/2"x 12"     7'11"*            745 lbs.


* Plowing width is at full angle



- Commercial Blade Guide Kit - Flourescent orange, 24" long, made of 3/4" nylon tubing. Bolt-on, in place of the original guides.

- Curb Guide Kits - Protect the outer edge of your blade from the wear and tear caused by sidewalks and curbs. Simply bolt-on.

- Rubber Deflector - Made of 2-ply rubber, this deflector keeps snow off your windshield while plowing.

- Steel Cutting Edge - These tough high-carbon steel cutting edges reduce wear and improve cutting power and scraping ability.

- Steel SnoFoil - this high continuous curve extends the plow to improve snow rolling action and keep snow off your windshield.

- Plow Parka - Provides protection for the hydraulic and electrical systems.

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