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Underbody scissor hoist designed on two basic requirements, stability and reliablility. The dumping body is "locked" to the chassis by the stabilizer frame, eliminating any deflection caused by uneven loads. Stresses found in the chassis and body during operation are eliminated because Harsh picks up by the width of the chassis and body runners.


  • Unsurpassed stability provided by massive pivot points
  • Corrosion resistant industrial hard chrome stage
  • Heavy duty, aircraft quality, aluminum or bronze bearings for long service and easy replacement
  • Superior torsional stability from high tensile steel tubing frame components
  • Cylinders are manufactured in-house and tested under full pressure. Guarantees consistent quality and reliability

Model Class Drive Application Capacity @ 45 Weight
RL-F60-10   60 PTO/DA/DM    13'-16'    17-23T    787
RL-G70-10   70 PTO/DA/DM    15'-20'    17-24T    882
RL-H80-10   80 PTO/DA/DM    16'-22'    18-26T    940
RL-J100-10  100 PTO/DA/DM    18'-24'    20-34T   1064
RL-K110-10  110 PTO/DA/DM    22'-26'    22-36T   1347

Cable operated cab controls (except electric)
DA = double-acting
DM = Direct mount

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